One of our favorite customers came in today for some work on his Charger Hellcat! We sure do love these things. The customer requested we install his VIOFO A129 DUO Channel 1080P Dash & Rear Camera. He wanted it hardwired (not available from manufacturer) with all the factory looms and connections retained, ran through the headliner, with no wires visible. So we custom created a DC to 5v down converter to power the devices, ran a constant power, pulled the headliner, and installed it, which turned out great!

Next, his vehicle had been damaged at a previous shop by some careless employees. There was a giant scratch, through the paint, on the drivers door, and a fairly deep scratch but not through the paint on the passenger quarter panel, handle, and rear door. He owns a bee farm, so there was also droppings of honey all over his paint.


We repainted the drivers door, faded into the fender and rear door. We were able to wetsand and buff the passenger scratch out with no paint work, and we decontaminated all the honey droppings, which turned out better than when it was on the showroom floor!


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