Automotive Services

Kazkorp is proud to offer the following services

Custom Builds

Kazkorp is proud to be your #1 provider of both late model high performance sport car and truck custom builds and daily driver friendly budget builds!

Auto Dealership

KazKorp takes the hassle out of buying used! Buy a car with a FULL 141-Point Vehicle Inspection, with complete satisfaction and trust.


From performance, appearance, audio/video, all the way to custom wheels and tires, brakes, and power adders!


Take a look at our list of auto repair and maintenance services here and give us a call with any questions or if you need more information!

Cleaning & Detailing

Kazkorp is proud to offer world class interior and exterior detailing services and ceramic coating for a fraction of the price of other shop.

Wheel & Tires

Whether you need wheels, tires, or both, Kazkorp provides all services to get you the proper fitting wheels and tires installed at the lowest cost!

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