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KazKorp takes the hassle out of buying used! Every one of our cars comes with a FULL 141-Point Vehicle Inspection and all items found in need of repair or replacement are fixed before the vehicle is put up for sale! All of our vehicles are purchased from previous customers or via word of mouth, we know the entire vehicle history and provide a CarFax report with every vehicle sold! Don’t get stuck with someone else’s headache!

Before we purchase or take a vehicle on trade in, we have the previous owner(s) complete a questionnaire on the vehicles history. We gather all the previous service records, compare them to the carfax report, and do a full inspection on every aspect of the car. Cars that have been abused or neglected aren’t eligible for a KazKorp purchase or resale.

Any problems found faulty on the inspection or in need of replacement are replaced.
Vehicle is test driven for 20-100 miles to insure no future problems or headaches for next buyer after repairs are made.
Free GWC Certified Pre-Owned national warranty included on eligible vehicles. Customers also have the option to extend the warranty for up to 4 full years.
Completed Ohio eCheck Emissions Testing Certificate Given with every sale.
All the above applies to cars except where explicitly noted.

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