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Kazkorp is proud to offer world class interior and exterior detailing services for a fraction of the price of other shop. We also offer ceramic coating, which will protect your vehicles exterior and shine for many years to come! Your paint won’t fade or age since there is UV protection in the glass coating. Also, the slickness of the ceramic coating won’t allow dirt, break dust, or tar to stick to your car. This makes washing your vehicle easier! Contact us for a quote for Ceramic Coating which helps extend the life of your vehicle!

Ceramic Coating – A Marvel of Paint Protection

Take a look at the video to the left to see the before and after differences with ceramic coating. Not only does it nearly duplicate the gloss and reflection of your clear coat, but it creates a permanent or semi-permanent bond with a vehicle’s paint, meaning that it does not wash away or break down and does not require repeated application every few months.

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