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Kazkorp has a LONG history of vehicle modifications, from performance, appearance, audio/video, all the way to custom wheels and tires, brakes, and power adders! If you’re looking to make your ride stand out from all the cookie cutter same boring automobiles on the road, let Kazkorp build you something unique!

Performance Modifications

If you’re looking for a power adder such as a supercharger, turbocharger, nitrous, or even headers, exhaust, or cams, Kazkorp does it all, and has the experience! From custom tuning, turbo modifications, air intakes and more, Kazkorp is your one stop shop to take your ride from wild to wild, and shut your friends up in the process!

Turbos Swaps & Upgrades

Heads, Cam & Intake

Supercharger Porting & Painting


Looking to make your ride stand out from every other vehicle on the road? Kazkorp is proud to offer custom carbon fiber body panels, custom headlights, custom paint jobs, spoilers, vinyl wrap, hydrodipping, and lighting! Make your car one of a kind and turn heads at EVERY stop light!

Custom Carbon Fiber Panels and Painting

Custom Painted LED Etched Headlights

Vinyl Wrap Services on ANY application!

Wheels & Tires, Performance Brakes & Rotors, and More!

We are vendors for all major wheel & tire manufacturers, such as CCW, Vossen, iForged, Rohana, TrakLite, MHT, Fuel Offroad, KMC, and many more! Whether you need wheels, tires, or both, Kazkorp provides all services to get you the proper fitting wheels and tires installed at the lowest cost! We also offer Caliper painting services and custom cross drilled and rotors!

Custom Forged or Multipiece Wheels

Off Road Wheels & A/T Tires

Custom Caliper Painting & Rotors

Audio / Video Infotainment & Electronics

Custom navigation setups, premium audio, LED lighting, and more, Kazkorp goes the distance to make all your A/V equipment appear stock! Stealth enclosures, amps, speakers, subs, all the way to backup cameras and LED lighting, whatever you can dream up, we can make a reality!

Custom Truck 10″ Sub Box To Fit Under Console

Touchscreen Nav & Hydrodipped Panels

Aftermarket Backup Cam / GPS Rear View Mirror

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